Tainted Colors & Tour

Sing it loud.
Sing it clear.
Lizje Sarria

Tainted Colors Album

On the 25th of May, the first Single will be launched from the Album Tainted Colors. The Album will be on sale officially in JUNE on ITUNES and other platforms to be purchased.

Why the name Tainted Colors for the Album?

When something is tainted it means it has an undesirable quality. It is from the Latin word to dye, tinge which also means to “Convict, or prove guilty.” So, I believe we are all-imperfect in some way or another and are being perfected in our weaknesses.
The reason is because we are all greatly loved. We are greatly accepted with these so-called imperfections and I believe it does not matter what color of life your past or present has been tainted with. I feel that Imperfections are made into perfect when the gift of grace uses those colors to paint our everyday. You see, we come from many shades of color that tell of our pains and truth. There is nothing wrong with that when you allow light to shine through it.
Or who told you that the broken pieces of a stain glass window is not a work of art? They will run together deep and broken…reds, yellow, white, browns, black and blue souls. They are all binded strongly together by love itself. For me that's Tainted Colors. That’s life.

Forever Grateful and Thankful for you:

  • Ma, Fabi and My 3 Little ones
  • My 3 “younger sisters”
Thank you for being a part of this journey, because of you I have been blessed!
Daniel Bustos
Pedro Calloni & Rodrigo (Engineer Album)
Stephano Pizzaia (Mix)

Band Members:
Eric Fells (Keys)
Isaac Matus (Percussion/Arranger)
Juan Mejia (Drums)
Ivan Avila (In Heaven playing next to God)
Dana Roth (Bass)
Ali Tovar (Bass)
Andres Echeverry
Eduardo Mercuri
Elvin Rodriguez
Takafumi Nikaido (Percussion)
Piano Player:

Italo Lamboglia
David Olarte
Samuel Cortez
Sergio Aldana
Sergio Chotto
Eric Fells

Lucy Clifford (Bass)

James H. Dale (Bass)

Orlando Retana (Drums)

Mufaro Kambarami (Backing Vocal)

Hannah Crowley (Backing Vocal)

Andres Echeverry (Guitar)

Elvin Rodriguez (Guitar)





March 31

Lizje in Blue Beat Brasserie (Boston)

April 12

LIZJE - Behind the Curtain Concert Beat Brasserie (Boston)

May 4th

LIZJE - Bring it Back Concert TBA (Bogota Colombia)